Planning for ICT-enriched lessons

The week 9 learning path discusses the planning process that should be adopted for professional experience including consideration of what can go wrong. These steps included:

  1. What ICT are available in the classroom?
  2. How reliable are they? How do they break?
  3. What strategies does your mentor currently have for dealing with those breakdowns?
  4. Are those strategies working?
  5. Are there additional steps you can take to minimise or remove the chance of failure?

The EDC3100 lesson plan template includes a section titled “ICT plan b” which is for students to identify how the ICT being used in the lesson might fail and what will you do if it fails. Reflecting on this part of the learning path, I think it is good to think about a ‘plan b’ before actually going ahead with the lesson especially when you are not 100% confident in planning an ICT-enriched lesson in the first place. Abigail provides an example of a reflection she conducted on a task. The reflection allowed her to identify changes that she would make before delivering the task again to another group of students.

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